Discover How To Create An Online Program In A Weekend So You Can Make Passive Income From Home, Be Seen As An Expert, And Help More People With Your Gift(s)…

Best Part? You Don’t Need To Be “Perfect,” Have A Large Following, Or Be One Of The “Gurus” For Online Programs To Open More Doors For Your Coaching Business…And Your Family.

Now’s The Time To Take Your Expertise And Package It Into An Online Program So You Can Help More People And Make Money From Home.


If you’ve ever wanted to create your own successful, lucrative online program, then this message is going to cut to the chase and give you the answers you’re looking for.

That’s because on May 20th- 22nd, I’m holding a virtual event called Online Programs That Sell: Make Programs People Crave that’s going to reveal how to create your own online programs that sell like hotcakes.

The best part is I’m also going to record this event for a future $2,000 program, so you’ll not only discover how to create a program, but actually watch me create a program at the same time!

You see, I’ve created over 40+ online programs over my 20+ year coaching career. Many of them have brought in a million dollars worth of revenue for me and my business.

And, during this special 3 day virtual event, I’m going to reveal my “secret formula” that’ll help you take your coaching knowledge and package it into an online asset that’ll help a lot of people and allow you to make money at the same time.

The best part is you’ll discover how easy and fun it is to create online programs because you’ll watch me do it LIVE!


1. Passive Income From Home

Online programs make you money without taking up your time. You can create a program once and then it might keep selling for the rest of your life. (The reality is you’re probably going to want to make updates to the program from time to time to keep it fresh and relevant, but you might only do that once every 3-5 years.)

2. More & Better Clients

They attract more 1-1 clients, live event attendees, and Mastermind participants. People who buy your online training program are more likely to want to work with you personally and get more of your programs.

They also make for better clients because they already understand your philosophy and overall approach to getting results.

3. Position You As The Expert

Your online program sets you up as the go-to expert. If you create a program called “Soulmate Secrets”, people will realize you know a lot about dating and relationships. Even if people don’t buy your program, they know you’re an expert on the subject matter and they’ll want to hire you right away.

Not only does this make people want to work with you more, but it also makes it easy for people to recommend you. It’s often easier to recommend a program than to recommend someone hire a coach. “Want to find your soulmate? Check out this cool program…”

4. Help More People

Online programs are usually much less expensive than your coaching, consulting, or healing services so they’re affordable to more people. And because they’re less expensive they are easier to sell.

You don’t have to sell them with 1-1 strategy sessions. You can sell them with webinars, videos and sales letters like this one.

Now you might be thinking:

“But Christian, Who In The World Is Buying Online Programs During This Strange Time?”

Yes, there are a lot of people going through difficult times. Perhaps you’re going through a difficult time right now as well.

The truth is people are still buying online programs. Whatever they perceive as valuable enough to change their life in some sort of way, they will buy it.

(In fact, according to research from, online course spending is up by 29% since March 2020.)

As a coach, you already have answers to problems people are looking to solve. Answers other people would see as extremely valuable.

I want to help you take your coaching knowledge and expertise and package it into an online program and get it in front of the right people.

This’ll allow you to step up and serve your tribe in the best way by offering an online program that helps people get results during this difficult time.

In fact, I’ll go as far as to say that it’s your moral obligation to get out there and help as many people as possible if you have a skill, talent, or specialized knowledge that can help a lot of people during this ordeal.

And the truth is…

Everyone Has Specialized Knowledge or Skill That Can Be Packaged Into A Profitable Online Program.

And it doesn’t have to be in the big niches like health or self improvement either.

I have friends that are making crazy amounts of money online teaching things like tennis, dating, dog training, herbs, knitting, BBQing, etc.

There are also lots of people making money online teaching sales and marketing too.

The best part is…

1) You don’t have to be “perfect” or have no problems in the subject matter you’re teaching.

The truth is nobody’s perfect and nobody has it all figured out. It’s an unreasonable standard we coaches tend to measure ourselves by.

You just need to have specialized knowledge people would gladly pay to discover so they can solve a problem or fulfill a desire.

For example, if you’re a relationship coach, don’t think you have to have a perfect relationship.

Because if you’re a relationship coach, all the problems you’re going through in your own relationship are going to be the best stuff you can talk about… assuming your partner is okay with it.

2) You don’t have to be extremely well-known or one of the “gurus” to be successful with your own online product

Not everybody is everybody’s cup of tea. For example, some people think I’m awesome. Others think I’m boring, greedy, selfish or whatever negative word you want to use. Maybe you want to create an online program in the online marketing space but are intimidated by Tony Robbins. There are a lot of people who don’t like Tony Robbins. I happen to like him (even was in his Platinum Mastermind and spoke on his stage once), but I know a lot of people don’t. So don’t feel like you have to have a big list, have a huge following, or be one of the “gurus” or experts to be successful with online products. There’s plenty of room for everyone to be successful if you have a big heart, a huge desire to help people, and the right blueprint. And that’s what I’m going to reveal during Online Programs That Sell: Make Programs People Crave.

Here’s Just Some Of What You’ll Discover During This 3-Day Virtual Event:

  • How to come up with a winning program idea (don’t make this mistake that dooms most programs to failure)
  • How to name a program so people instantly want it as soon as they hear the name of it
  • How to break a program down into bite-size chunks that are easily consumable, easily teachable, and highly valuable
  • How to uncover fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs that could sabotage you from creating and launching your program
  • How to do market research, so you know for certain you’re creating an offer people anticipate and want
  • How to get other people to market and sell your programs for you
  • How to build a big tribe of friends, fans, and followers hungry for exactly what you offer
  • You’ll also watch several program make-overs to gain insights into small shifts that can result in huge sales increases (maybe one of them will be yours)
  • Leave this event with the most important steps finished to bring your online program to life and well on your way to making great money from home

Plus, even though I’m practically giving away tickets for just $99, you’re still backed by my 100% Solid Gold Money Back Guarantee.

Attend the entire first day and if you don’t think it’s worth your time or money, just let us know before the start of the second day’s training and we’ll give you full refund.

MAY 20-22, 2020

REGISTER NOW $1,997 $99

Now Is The Time…

RIGHT NOW, I’m making money from my online programs. Even while other businesses are closed, mine can stay open because I work from home.

If you want to be able to do the same thing, then I recommend registering for Online Programs That Sell.

Thanks, and I’ll “see” you there!

Big Love,

MAY 20-22, 2020

REGISTER NOW $1,997 $99

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Online Programs That Sell:

A: The entire event will take place over the Internet via Zoom vs. in person. That means you’ll be able to watch the entire event from home.

A: The event will happen between the hours of 8am and 5pm Pacific Time depending on the length of the Q & A sessions and program makeovers that’ll happen during the event.

A: You’ll have access to the entire event replay for 48 hours after the event concludes. This’ll allow you to watch what you missed and go back and review presentations you need greater clarification on, etc.

A: Yes, even though you don’t know your niche or market, I highly recommend attending this virtual event. I’ll be doing a lot of workshopping on choosing a niche, so you’ll get greater clarity and direction if you’re undecided.

The good news is you can create a program during a weekend. That’s exactly what I’m going to be doing when I record this event and turn it into a $2,000 product. So, not only will you learn a lot during the event, but you’ll be watching me create a program so you’ll see how it’s done so you can “copy” my process.

A: I’ll show you how to get other people to market and sell your programs for you and how to build a big tribe of friends, fans, and followers hungry for exactly what you offer.

In fact, right now is the best time to create an audience since people are stuck at home in quarantine with something to do. Plus, social media traffic has gone up by 25% since people are social distancing.

This’ll allow you to get those first critical sales so you can gain momentum fast and reach more people with your gift(s) during this strange time.

MAY 20-22, 2020

REGISTER NOW $1,997 $99

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