Attention BIG VIP Alumnus:

MAY 16-18, 2024

Create An Online Program That Gets You Passive Income, High-End Clients And Helps Lots of People In Just Three Days

In Three Days, You Can Have The Most Important Parts Of Your Online Program Already Created And Ready To Sell So That You Can Make More Money, Help More People, Be Seen As The Leading Authority, And Command Higher Fees Than You Ever Thought Possible


That’s because on May 16-18th, 2024, I’m holding a virtual event called Online Programs That Sell: Make Programs People Crave

…and in it, I am going to reveal how to create your own online program that sells like hotcakes.

I'm also going to hold your hand and walk you step by step through creating the process so that you leave with 80% of the most important parts of creating your program already done.

You see, I’ve created 47 different online programs over my 20 year coaching career. Not all of them have been huge successes. But, many of them have made millions of dollars. And over the years, I’ve figured out the difference between the flops, the moderate successes, and the huge successes.

And, during this special 3-day virtual event, I’m going to reveal my “secret formula” that’ll help you take your coaching knowledge and package it into an online asset that’ll help a lot of people and allow you to make a lot more money at the same time.

The best part is you’ll discover how easy and fun it is to create online programs because you’ll watch me do it LIVE! And you’ll be creating yours right along with me


1. Passive Income From Home

Online programs make you money without taking up your time. You can create a program once and then it might keep selling for the rest of your life. (The reality is you’re probably going to want to make updates to the program from time to time to keep it fresh and relevant, but you might only do that once every 3-5 years.)

2. More & Better Clients

They attract more 1-1 clients, live event attendees, and Mastermind participants. People who buy your online training program are more likely to want to work with you personally and get more of your programs.

They also make for better clients because they already understand your philosophy and overall approach to getting results.

3. Position You As The Expert

Your online program sets you up as the go-to expert. If you create a program called “Soulmate Secrets”, people will realize you know a lot about dating and relationships. Even if people don’t buy your program, they know you’re an expert on the subject matter and they’ll want to hire you right away.

Not only does this make people want to work with you more, but it also makes it easy for people to recommend you. It’s often easier to recommend a program than to recommend someone hire a coach. “Want to find your soulmate? Check out this cool program…”

4. Help More People

Online programs are usually much less expensive than your coaching, consulting, or healing services so they’re affordable to more people. And because they’re less expensive they are easier to sell.

You don’t have to sell them with 1-1 strategy sessions. You can sell them with webinars, videos and sales letters like this one.

Now you might be wondering:

How I Discovered The Secrets To Online Programs That Sell...

I started off as a coach 20+ years ago. I loved helping people and I wanted to do it for the rest of my life.

But I realized I could impact only a certain number of people during 1-on-1 coaching.

I wanted to impact more people beyond 1-on-1 coaching time, so I decided to create my first online program.

What I did was “Frankenstein” bits and pieces of what I learned about creating online programs from a bunch of experts and gurus.

I was imagining taking all kinds of wild vacations and only working for 2-3 hours per day…

…you know, all the perks of selling your own online program over and over again.

But then, something heartbreaking happened…

I only got three sales and I only charged $39 for my program!

I felt like a total failure and I completely gave up on that program.

I Should Have Realized This Failure Was An Amazing Success, But I Didn’t…

Looking back, I should have sent a few emails and perhaps conducted a live training to increase sales. 

But since I only got 3 sales from the one email I sent to my list, I felt like a loser instead of seeing this as a stepping stone to something bigger. 

Because of this disappointment, I didn’t create another online program for a few years.

I then decided to create a group coaching program that I recorded and turned into an online program.

That program made $68,230, so I decided to create another. And another.

I eventually created Free Sessions That Sell — it made half a million dollars in sales the first time I offered it and has generated millions of dollars since.

And I also created Big Money Business Coach and it has generated millions of dollars.

Overall, I’ve generated over 10 million dollars worth of sales thanks to online programs over the last several years.

In fact, creating online programs was instrumental in helping me make the Inc. 5000 List of America’s Fastest Growing Companies 4 years in a row.

I’ve Learned A Lot After Creating 47 Programs Over The Past 20 Years

The learning includes:

  • How to pick the right program to create
  • How to sell the program before you create it
  • How to determine if there’s a demand for your product
  • How to come up with great names for your program
  • How to price your program
  • How to teach and structure your program so you get massive results
  • How to get your programs to sell your other programs for you
  • How to get people to hire you through your programs
  • How to get other people to sell your programs for you

Some of these I’ve learned through trial and error, and others I’ve learned by investing in other people’s programs.

In fact, I’ve invested over $200,000 in sales and marketing training over my long coaching career.

And I’m going to bottle up everything I’ve discovered and share it during Online Programs That Sell — so you can follow in my footsteps.

You’ll get to discover my million dollar insights and avoid all the trial and error I had to endure when I started out.

Here’s What Top Earners 
In The Coaching Space Have To Say

“My business had plateaued for years until I met Christian. The mindset and strategies I learned from him allowed me to double my income the following year. Then I doubled it again. I kept learning from Christian … he single-handedly helped me solve one of my biggest roadblocks in attracting clients into my programs. Game changer! His mindset coaching for attracting clients is second to none in the industry!”

– Jeanna Gabellini –

“I’ve learned a ton from Christian Mickelsen over the years. He’s a sales, marketing, and business genius with a gigantic heart. I give him and his programs my highest recommendation. You should jump at the chance to work with him.”

– Lisa Sasevich –

“Christian is a brilliant teacher, entrepreneur and marketer. I recommend his trainings to friends and associates on a regular basis. If you are a coach, teacher, speaker, or information product guru, I highly recommend that you get trained by him!”

– Eben Pagan –

Everyone Has Specialized Knowledge or Skill That Can Be Packaged Into A Profitable Online Program.

And it doesn’t have to be in the big niches like health or self improvement either.

I have friends that are making crazy amounts of money online teaching things like tennis, dating, dog training, growing herbs, knitting, BBQing, etc.

Here are the best parts…

1) You don’t need tons of time on your hands to create an online product.

Perhaps you’re serving your clients 1-on-1 or you’re just getting into coaching and are working a full-time job.

The good news is you don’t need to spend months creating an online program.

That’s because I’m going to reveal how you can create an online program in a weekend. We’re going to get 80% of the work done by the time you leave.

Plus, you’ll have your program idea figured out by lunch break on the first day.

I’m also going to reveal how you can get it up and selling with as little “techy” stuff and confusion as possible.

These days, there are plenty of tools that make creating and selling online programs easier for everyone.

You no longer have to be a programmer, web designer or a master of technology to impact more people online with your gift.

2) You don’t have to be “perfect” or have zero problems in the subject matter you’re teaching.

The truth is nobody’s perfect and nobody has it all figured out. It’s an unreasonable standard we coaches tend to measure ourselves by.

You just need to have specialized knowledge people would gladly pay to discover so they can solve a problem or fulfill a desire.

For example, if you’re a relationship coach, don’t think you have to have a perfect relationship.

Because if you’re a relationship coach, all the problems you’re going through in your own relationship are going to provide the best stuff to talk about … assuming your partner is okay with it.

3) You don’t have to be extremely well-known or one of the “gurus” to be successful with your own online product.

Not everybody is everybody’s cup of tea.

For example, some people think I’m awesome. Others think I’m boring, greedy, selfish or whatever negative word you want to use.

Maybe you want to create an online program in the online marketing space but are intimidated by Tony Robbins.

Some people love Tony Robbins, but believe it or not, there are some people who don’t. (I was even in his Platinum Mastermind and spoke on his stage once), but I know a lot of people don’t.

So don’t feel like you have to have a big list, have a huge following, or be one of the “gurus” or experts to be successful with online products.

There’s plenty of room for everyone to be successful if you have a big heart, a huge desire to help people and the right blueprint.

And that’s what I’m going to reveal during Online Programs That Sell: Make Programs People Crave. In fact, learning how to create programs like these is how people become one of the gurus!

Here’s Just Some Of What You’ll Discover
During This 3-Day Virtual Event:

  • How to come up with a winning program idea (don’t make the mistake that dooms most programs to failure)
  • How to name a program so people instantly want it as soon as they hear the name of it
  • How to break a program down into bite-size chunks that are easily consumable, easily teachable, and highly valuable  
  • How to uncover fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs that could sabotage you from creating and launching your program
  • How to do market research, so you know for certain you're creating an offer people anticipate and want             
  • How to get other people to market and sell your programs for you
  • How to build a big tribe of friends, fans, and followers hungry for exactly what you offer
  • You’ll also watch several program make-overs to gain insight into small shifts that can result in huge sales increases (maybe one of them will be yours)
  • Leave this event with the most important steps finished to bring your online program to life and be well on your way to making great money from home

Online Programs Are A Profitable Pillar In Many Of My Student’s Coaching Businesses, including:

Ben Cox

Ben Cox's journey is a testament to the transformative power of online programs in the coaching industry. 

Specializing in martial arts, Ben catapulted his sales from a respectable $200K to an astounding $6 million. 

The secret to his success? A shift to 100% online program sales, proving that with the right strategies, even niche markets can achieve monumental growth.

Alina Vincent

Alina Vincent, a business coach, began with nothing and soared past the million-dollar milestone through her innovative online programs. 

These programs not only bolstered her income beyond traditional coaching but also established her as a leading figure in her field. 

Her story is a powerful example for coaches aiming to achieve financial freedom and industry recognition by leveraging the potential of online courses.

Derek Rydall

Derek Rydall, a personal growth author, once grappled with attracting clients until he embraced our online program strategies. 

Initially struggling, Derek swiftly achieved a six-figure income through my guidance, focusing on creating impactful online programs. 

With my continued support, he expanded his coaching business beyond the million-dollar threshold. This transformation underscores how our approach to online programs can serve as a lucrative cornerstone for coaching businesses.

Dr. Aziz Gazipura

Dr. Aziz Gazipura, a dedicated psychologist with a passion for empowering individuals, revolutionized his approach to boosting confidence through our comprehensive online programs.

Leveraging my teachings, training, and coaching, Dr. Gazipura successfully scaled his business beyond the million-dollar mark annually

His journey exemplifies how integrating online programs can not only elevate your business's financial success but also magnify your impact, helping countless individuals step into their most confident selves.

Tickets To Online Programs That Sell Are Worth $2,000, But You Can Attend At No Cost Since You’re One Of Our Esteemed BIGs Alumni…

Tickets are available on a first come first serve basis, so if you already know you’d like to create your own online programs (or you’d like to take ones you already have and get them to sell better), then I recommend you register right away.

The entire event will be held over 3 days via Zoom, and our line only holds 500 people.

Many slots are already taken, so this event is guaranteed to be filled before we go live. So make sure you claim your seat while you can.

Now Is The Time…

The truth is you have a special skill, talent, and/or knowledge people would pay big money to discover.

This is your chance to make a bigger impact in the world with your gifts…

…and help more people beyond 1-on-1 and group coaching.

So, register for Online Programs That Sell and get ready to help more people, make more money, and change the trajectory of your coaching business forever.

Thanks, and I’ll see you there!

With all the love in my heart,


MAY 16-18, 2024

Register Now For: $2,000

Complimentary Access Since You’re A Graduate Of The BIG VIP Success Mastermind.


Some Frequently Asked Questions About Online Programs That Sell:

A: The entire event will take place over the Internet via Zoom vs. in person. That means you’ll be able to watch the entire live event from home.

A: The event will happen between the hours of 8am and 7pm Pacific Time depending on the length of the Q&A sessions and program makeovers that’ll happen during the event.

A: Yes, even though you don’t know your niche or market, I highly recommend attending this virtual event. I’ll be doing a lot of workshopping on choosing a niche, so you’ll get greater clarity and direction if you’re undecided.

A: The good news is you can create a program during a weekend. That’s exactly what I’m going to be doing when I record this event and turn it into a $2,000 product. So, not only will you learn a lot during the event, but you’ll be watching me create a program so you’ll see how it’s done so you can “copy” my process.

A: No, you do not need to have advanced technical skills to create and sell an online program. The event is designed to guide you through the process of creating an online program with minimal technical requirements. We will also introduce you to user-friendly tools and resources that make the process accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical background.

A: This event is perfect for you! “Online Programs That Sell” will provide you with insights and strategies to revamp your existing program and boost its sales. You'll learn how to effectively market your program, engage with your audience, and make adjustments to your offering to increase its appeal and value.

A: Yes, definitely! This event will teach you how to effectively reach and expand your audience, no matter its current size. You'll learn strategies for building your audience from the ground up and engaging them in a way that makes them eager to buy your online program.

A: Absolutely! This event is specifically designed to help you identify and refine a profitable online program idea, even if you're starting from scratch. You'll learn how to discover what your audience truly wants and how to package your knowledge or skills into an online program that meets their needs.

A: While the time commitment can vary depending on your program's complexity and scope, this event aims to get you 80% of the way through the process by the time it concludes. Post-event, you'll likely need to dedicate some hours to finalizing your program and preparing it for launch. However, the strategies you'll learn are designed to maximize your efficiency and effectiveness, reducing the overall time and effort required.


MAY 16-18, 2024

Register Now For: $2,000

Complimentary Access Since You’re A Graduate Of The BIG VIP Success Mastermind.

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