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December 14th-16th, 2022

San Diego, CA

Limited Special Offer

Join Us LIVE!

Hey, you registered for Heal Your Money $h*t Now: The Hidden Secret To Rapid Riches Live Event.




We're delighted to see you there virtually. However, this opportunity gets even better because we have a few seats available for people who want to join me LIVE.


It’s a chance to be in the healing energy and meet all the other cool participants.


Granted.. the seats to join us LIVE are limited. But if you are seeing this page, it means there are still seats available.

Seat Saver Deposit

If you'd like to come LIVE, not only do you not have to pay to come, but we're actually going to pay you to come.


Here's how it works…


We have you place a $99 seat saver fee (which is non refundable just so we know you're coming). And when you arrive, you will get $100 back at the end of the event. So basically, you're going to make a $1 out of the deal. 


As you can see, the seat saver deposit is so we know who is actually coming and who isn't.


Limited Space

Again, we only have a limited number of seats for people who want to come live in person.


We've got a great deal on the hotel. It's only $149 a night. It's a really nice hotel at a great price!


To join us live, click the button below, put down the non-refundable $99 seat saver and I’ll see you there!

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