Come to “Heal Your Money $tuff Now” And Get Rid Of The Hidden Money Blocks Which Secretly Stop You
From Charging What You’re Worth
And Attracting More Money Into Your Life

This Event Will Make You More Financially Confident
So You Can Make All The Money You Want
And Impact The World With Your Gifts And Talents
In A BIG Way!

Dear Friend,

I’d love to show you how to easily achieve the life of your dreams, fast. Could you sit back and take a minute from your busy day?

Focus on the thoughts that come up for you when you imagine yourself:

  • Getting paid ultra-high fees ($25,000 per person and more) in fees for your products and services
  • Earning hundreds of thousands (and even millions) of dollars from your own business
  • Attracting clients who don’t think twice about paying your high fees
  • Enjoying location freedom: Working at home (or wherever you want)
  • Making more in a month than some people make all year
  • Having a following of thousands of followers on your social media and email list

If you’re like most people, these thoughts feel AMAZING. 

But, like most people, you may be now aware of little thoughts like:

“That feels a little unrealistic! Even a little scary!”

“Nobody’s going to pay me those crazy fees!”

“I’m used to making a certain amount per month (because it’s comfortable)”

…and “I simply cannot imagine working any harder to earn more than I make now.”

You see, it’s possible that you have certain “wealth wounds” from your past that you haven’t healed yet.

For example, maybe you grew up poor. 

Or your parents told you things like, “Do you think I’m made of money?” when you wanted a toy.

So, if you felt a little resistance, self-doubt, or queasiness when reading through the six sentences above, then … trust me:

It’s Not Your Fault!

Most people have negative beliefs and other “wealth blocks” about money. 


These blocks usually come from what we learn from our parents, society, and the media. 


Television shows, movies, and even commercials often show wealthy people as greedy, dishonest, and crooked conmen.


And many religions teach that “money is the root of evil” and only poor people can get into Heaven. 


Plus if you had parents who worked regular jobs, you may have grown up always being ‘tight' on money.


As a result of negative experiences in the past, most people now have negative beliefs and blocks about money.


The reason subconscious blocks are so hard to deal with is that they are DEEP below the level of consciousness. That means you may not even be aware of them. 


These blocks could hold you back from allowing more money into your life.


It’s possible you could even feel guilty about charging any fees for your services, (let alone ultra-high fees) to clients who would gladly pay them.


So if you have money blocks that are holding you back from the life you want, it’s not your fault. 


Because here’s the truth…

Most of these blocks were instilled in your

subconscious mind … without you noticing…

Because negative attitudes and beliefs about money

 are rampant in our culture.

It’s stuff your parents may have taught you (esp as a child) and lovingly instilled in you to keep you ‘safe’. 


It may have been bad experiences you had with money as an adult…


…from being broke, massive financial crisis, and even bankruptcy. All these can instill negative beliefs and attitudes about money. 


In other words, all the collective experiences you had about money helped form your belief system and attitudes towards it. 


Trust me, I had my own money blocks too, especially since…

I Grew Up On Welfare And
Had To Wear Second (And Third) Hand
Clothes From My Brothers

Like most people, I didn’t grow up in a family that was rich and wealthy. 



My parents fought about money all the time. After they divorced, my Mom had to work a waitress job to support 4 kids. 


She had to set us up on welfare programs — free lunches at school, food stamps, and food from a food bank. 


So my feelings about money at that time were that it caused endless fighting…


…which caused slammed doors and dishes flung across the room. 


All this lack of money started to affect my sense of self-worth. 


I felt ashamed to be poor, especially when I had to stand in the “poor” kid’s lunch line at school. 


Fast forward many years later, and I was able to heal those old wealth wounds. 


I’m one of the world’s highest-paid coaches. 


And I run a seven-figure business that impacts people everywhere. 


And the bottom line is this…

You Need To Root Out That Money $tuff
If You Want To Experience Financial Success

Otherwise, it’ll be like taking one step forward and two steps back with your money, business, and finance. 


You may get a big client and feel like you got “lucky” they paid you a big fee…


…so you don’t try to get more people to sign up at those fees. 


Or you had a bad experience with asking for a high fee with a client and they balked. 


This, in turn, made you afraid to ask for big fees again and caused you to hit a plateau in your business. 


You may even have a fear of losing money, so you don’t get to enjoy the things money can give you. 


Either that or you are reckless with money and don’t get to save it. 


We all have insecurities, fears, worries, challenges, and doubts in our lives … especially about money.

But now’s the time to let them go.

So, if you want more money, I’ll show you how to get it (and keep it) when you attend… 

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December 14th-16th, 2022

San Diego, CA

Nope, this event is not going to be about the latest tips for how to get clients. 


Nor is it how to ask for the big fees with your business, or learn the newest investment techniques.  


It’s natural to want actionable ideas and “quick wins” that we can logically equate to extra clients, more impact in the world…


…and, of course, extra cash in our bank accounts. 


We’re going to help you with something much more important than that at Heal Your Money $tuff Now

We’re going to help heal and release those hidden money blocks and patterns that are sabotaging your current (and future) business or career.

Yep, I get it.


All that “mindset stuff” seems like a lot of hard work and no immediate reward, right? 


By unpacking, examining, and then removing your money blocks, you'll naturally become more confident and more in control of your career or business…


…and your financial future. 


This isn’t something that can be “cured” by watching a couple of YouTube videos or a string of TikTok videos. 


In order to root out those money blocks and QUICKLY replace them with empowering beliefs about money, you need an immersive LIVE experience.

[Celebrating] I am enjoying and appreciating more money and business successes!
Kyle W.

For example, I'm going to deploy my Instant Miracle™ technique to help you heal (and finally release) any money blocks that may have slowed you down or kept you stuck. 


It’s an amazing technique I usually reserve for my Instant Miracle Mastery students who pay me up to $1999 to work with them LIVE…


…but I’ll use them LIVE with you at Heal Your Money $tuff Now.

Here’s How Coming To Heal Your Money $tuff
Is Going To Help You:

  • Get rid of any weirdness and feel confident talking about your fees, funding, or wages. It’s normal to feel a little queasy when you ask your potential clients to invest in your business. This section will help you ask for the big fees with conviction, and get clients to happily say “Yes”.

  • Rapidly let go of limitations that prevent you from experiencing financial abundance and living your best life. All those past experiences and money blocks will be healed (and released) so you don’t have any brakes on what you can achieve. 

  • Attract the highest-paying clients/customers that don’t think twice about making the investment to work with you. It’s easy to get into a comfort zone when it comes to your business and how much you ask for fees. I’ll help you raise your financial thermostat so you can ask for the big fees with confidence.   

  • Uncover and remove hidden money patterns that have kept you trapped since childhood. Let’s face it … most of us weren’t born with silver spoons in our mouths. This will help you remove those money blocks and barriers you may have learned when you were a child. 

  • Confidently make and keep more money.  Many people make a lot of money but they end up spending it right away. This section is going to reveal how to actually keep the money you make so you can use it for bigger goals vs. smaller purposes.

Remove worries about spending too much money or losing money.  This is a big fear when it comes to investing money in your business and fearing you’re not going to get a return on your investment. I’ll help you get over these in no time.
This Event Is For You If:

You’re just starting out in a new business or career. You’ll discover how to get your money mindset right so you can ask for big fees, funding, and investment and reach financial success quickly. 


You’ve been in business for a while. I’ll help you get over those blocks and barriers that are holding you back when it comes to asking for higher fees.


You’re an expert business owner. You’ll discover the money mindset beliefs I use to ask for fees as high as $100K to $250K with confidence so you can follow in my footsteps.

Join Us For This Live Virtual Event

You’ll get to join virtually so you can experience the magic of the live event … from the comfort of your own home.

I've gotten a $3,000 raise and a $3,000 bonus... Such a great feeling -- money coming in without stress. Thank you Christian Mickelsen!!!
Judy W.

Register Now And Discover
How To Step Up To The Next
Level Of Who You Are
Without Limitations…

December 14th-16th, 2022

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Plus You’ll Get The Following SPECIAL Bonuses Worth $4,000.00:

LIVE Event + Recordings And Special Bonuses

To have the recordings of the event, simply upgrade to VIP. You’ll also get two bonuses:

Success Accelerator: Open Your Heart, Reclaim Your Power And Tap Into Infinite Prosperity

Discover how to:

  • Dream big and achieve all of your goals like clockwork
  • Create massive money-breakthroughs (eliminate debt and receive lots more money from multiple avenues)
  • Tap into miraculous health and vitality at anytime
  • Access the true source of lasting happiness
  • Free yourself from ‘time-scarcity’ and immediately experience extreme time abundance

Value: $2,000.00

Free Your Time, Free Your Life: The Time Abundance Program 

Most ‘time management’ programs don’t give you more ‘free time’. This program is different. It will transform your relationship with time altogether.

In this powerful 7-module program, you’ll discover… 

  • How to free your mind of time scarcity, so “not enough time” never becomes an issue for you ever again    
  • How to create “patient timelines” so you have plenty of time and space to make your biggest goals an inevitable success — while enjoying the process a whole lot more   
  • How to set your life up so that you LOVE everything you do (imagine that!)

Value: $2,000.00

Total Value: $4,000.00

I Guarantee Your Life Will Never Be The Same Again!

Look, I don’t know where you are when it comes to finances and money. 


But I guarantee I’ll help you heal and release those money blocks so that money and abundance flow to you. 


You’ll feel confident when making high-end offers and you’ll be able to experience more financial success. 


In other words, you’ll never feel jealous or envious of anyone who's making more money than you ever again. 


What I’ve learned over 20+ years as a professional coach is this: 


Nobody’s better than you and nobody deserves more than you. 


And you can manifest what you desire if you focus on that desire, believe you can have it, and are hungry for it … without being needy for it. 


And part of it has to do with eliminating those money blocks that are holding you back. This is the fastest way to help you reach your potential. 


I truly hope you decide to attend this exciting event, as it’s the first time I’m holding an event dedicated ONLY to this topic. 


And, to be honest, I may never hold it again. 


So don’t wait until “next year” or “next time” because there may never be another. 


Stamp your virtual ticket right now, while it’s still fresh on your mind. 


With all the love in my heart,


ps. We all have our pasts with money. And most people have beliefs and attitudes about money that sabotage them from reaching their potential. 


My goal at Heal Your Money $tuff Now is to take the restrictor plates off your earning potential so you can make a BIG difference in the world, and make good money doing it


So register today, right now, and let’s head into a life of abundance!

You're Backed By My
100% Solid Gold Guarantee!


Even though I’m practically giving away tickets, you’re still backed by my solid gold money-back guarantee.


Attend the first day. If you don’t think it’s worth your time and money, just let us know before the start of the second day’s training and we’ll give you a full refund.

Register Now And Discover
How To Step Up To The Next
Level Of Who You Are
Without Limitations…

December 14th-16th, 2022

One easy payment of $297
Four easy payments of $99
I Would Like To Attend The Virtual Event Only For $99 (No Recordings/No Bonuses)

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