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I’m going to spend 3 days giving you all my best secrets and helping turn you into a high end selling machine. You’re going to work with me around creating your own high end offers and I’ll be walking you step-by-step through selling and filling them.

I’m going to spend 3 days giving you all my best secrets and helping turn everyone into a high end selling machine. I’ll be walking them through high end offers and working with them on their own high end offers.

This is the one chance to get all my secrets…

That’s, how I get 1-1 clients for $100K, how I get mastermind members for $80K and mastermind members for $250K. If you want to do all that stuff, this event is it.

What would it be like to put together a high end coaching package or program or mastermind that’s priced at $10,000 or higher and sell it?

Does that sound exciting? A little scary? Is it really scary?

Or does it feel totally awesome and you’re looking forward to filling them?

When I went high end in my business, which was about 5 years ago, it radically transformed my business. When you’re making more profits you can hire more people. You can spend more on advertising and reach more people. You can build a healthier, more robust business that makes a bigger difference in the world. When you go high end you can truly serve all the people you want to help.

Now it doesn’t mean you neglect everybody else who aren’t rich or can’t afford your high end fees. No, there’s tons that you can do to help those people, too. You can give away really great free trainings to people who are on your email list. You can have low priced offerings too.

But High End Selling Secrets is all about the high end. You’ll discover…

  • How can you go high end?
  • What’s the mindset of high end?
  • Where do you find people who want high end?
  • And much, much more…


No matter how little you charge, there are people who can’t afford it and no matter how much you charge, there are people who can afford it.

Getting clients is huge in and of itself, but high end clients are where major profit is made in your business. The highest paying clients are the most profitable, the most fun to work with, the most committed to their results, the most grateful, and usually get the greatest success the fastest. So going high end is one of the best things you can do for your business.

And the great thing for you about getting high end clients is that they pay a lot. Just one client is going to be a $10,000, $20,000, $50,000, $100,000, $250,000 deal for you.


When you have high end clients and are making lots more money, you can provide more free trainings to people who aren’t ready yet for your top tier offers.

They can invest in your lower end offers or go through your free trainings, and take steps to work with you in your high end programs and masterminds.

Is this good for new coaches too?

You may not feel ready to go for high end clients, but the truth is you are ready. Because it’s not about you being ready it’s about the clients out there who are looking for high end programs.

So, you need offerings that serve people on the full spectrum of the market. Because people who would pay $250,000 to work with you probably aren’t going to be attracted to your $5,000 offer. By having these high end offers, you’ll have something available for people at all levels.


My company won the INC. 5000 FASTEST GROWING COMPANY AWARD 4 years in a row.

Our lowest end mastermind is priced at $80,000, and it generates over $2 million in sales each year. People invest $100,000 to work with me for a single VIP day. And our highest priced mastermind is the highest in the world (that we know of) at $250,000.

Creating high end offers has been the single greatest business move I’ve made in terms of growth, success, and impact.

I tell you all this because you can have that too. I’m going to show you how at my upcoming live event, High End Selling Secrets.

Now one of the common myths about having high end offers is that you need to work your fingers to the bone and you need to go crazy to provide value.

What you really need to do is know what your clients want at that level, know how to find the clients at that level, have the confidence to make the offer at that level, have your actual high end offering, and the selling secrets.


  • #1: You need to know what your clients want at the highest levels.
  • #2: You need to know where to find the clients who are looking for high level offers.
  • #3: You need the confidence to make offers at that level.
  • #4: You need an actual high end offer (whatever it is that you’re going to sell).
  • #5: You need the selling secrets.

If you have those 5 things then you have everything you need to sign up high end clients at pretty much any amount.

It’s NOT about throwing everything and the kitchen sink into your high-end program.

If you’ve already been coaching for a while and you don’t have an ultra-high end offer (or you have one that just isn’t selling well), now’s the time to add it because you could quickly add more revenue and profit to your business practically overnight by creating an ultra-high end offer or offers.

Join Me At High End Selling Secrets

November 9-11, 2023

At my upcoming event, High End Selling Secrets I’m going to share with you…

  • How to package irresistible high end offers
  • Where and how to find the high end clients who want your high end offers
  • How to eliminate fears and insecurities that make you think you’re not worth high end fees
  • How to sign up high end clients from webinars, guest speaking, and live events
  • How to create and sign up high end clients into your new mastermind
  • My secrets to high end selling that I’ve never shared before

We’re going to spend a good amount of time cleaning up the inner game part of this so you feel super confident, super self-assured, and don’t waiver at all when it comes to making your offer, setting your fees, and signing up clients.

By the end of the 3 days, you’re going to know how to create high end packages and programs that practically sell themselves at any price, and you’ll be able to confidently ask for the sign up and get it.

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