May 18-20th, 2023

Congratulations On Upgrading Your Clients Like Clockwork!

Get Ready To Discover The Secrets That Top Coaches Use To Attract Clients At Ultra-High Fees…

This will be an incredible 3-day virtual event where you’ll get the blueprint to creating your own popular and profitable online programs and now you'll have the recordings to refer back to whenever you need.

When: May 18-20th, 2023
Where: Wherever You Are!

SESSION 1: Confidently Choose Your Winning Niche

  • How to think about your target market
  • How to overcome the biggest challenges people face when picking their niche
  • You’ll walk away knowing exactly which target market you want to reach out to and work with

SESSION 2: Become A Confident & In Demand Coach

  • Discover the 5-step breakthrough system for getting your clients fast results so you can become a confident, in-demand Coach
  • You’ll know with rock-solid confidence that you can get your clients fast results
  • This will allow you to raise your prices and need fewer clients to meet your goals 
  • You’ll also have more clients come to you through word of mouth and referrals

SESSION 3: Get In Front Of Your Dream Clients

  • Get the best, fastest, and easiest ways to find clients, grow your email/text messaging list, increase your social media following, and more
  • Find out how to build a large audience of friends, followers, and raving fans through networking and joint ventures

SESSION 4: Create Your Red Hot Sign-Up System

  • Create a client sign-up funnel you build once and it practically works forever
  • Create a Red Hot Free Session Offer that gets your target audience lining up around the block to work with you

SESSION 5: Get Them To Say “Yes” At Ultra High Fees

  • Discover the magic phrases that’ll turn your prospects into clients
  • Release your biggest fears about selling, asking for money, and closing sales


  • I’m going to walk you through the entire Free Sessions That Sell process
  • You’ll discover how to sign up clients without being pushy or sales-y
  • You’ll also get to watch me demo the Free Sessions That Sell process LIVE during the event
  • We open Free Sessions That Sell once per year at $2,000-$5,000, but you’ll discover the system during this event


Be sure to check your email for further information on how to access the event, and I can't wait to see you there!


With all the love in my heart,

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