Discover How To Create A Virtual Event In A Weekend So You Can Make Passive Income From Home, Be Seen As An Expert, And Help More People With Your Gift(s)…

Best Part? You Don’t Need To Be “Perfect,” Have A Large Following, Or Be One Of The “Gurus” For Virtual Events To Open More Doors For Your Coaching Business.

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Hang tight for a minute…

Because I’m going to reveal the #1 client-getting tool that’s in my marketing toolbox.

It’s a tool I’ve been using for the past couple of years that helps me get a consistent stream of clients coming to me…

…and investing in my high-ticket programs, events, and coaching packages.

Best part? You don’t have to be “famous”, or have a big list or following like me.

Nor do you need to have a catalog of programs, coaching packages, and a waiting list of clients.

This strategy will work for you, even if you’re just starting out and are looking for your first client.

(In fact, if you’re just starting out as a coach, this could be the tool you need to kickstart your coaching business).

They’re called “virtual events”.

And I’ve been using them for the past 2 years to fill my coaching programs and sell my products.

And now, for the first time ever, I’m going to reveal how to put on your own virtual events…

…thanks to my proven blueprint that I’ve tweaked, honed, and perfected over the past 2 years.

I’ll tell you more about that in a minute. But first, let me share…

The Moment I Thought We Were All
F*&ked, And How Virtual Events Saved Me

I remember when Covid hit when I was in India back in February 2020.

I was at a retreat and Covid couldn’t have been further from my mind.

Sure, it was affecting the world at the time, but I didn’t realize what was to come.

That’s when things got serious and all travel was banned from Europe to the U.S.

I had to change my flight to get home or I would be locked out of the country.

Then, when I finally made it home to Puerto Rico, I wanted to get a massage the next day.

That’s when I found out they canceled all non-essential businesses on the Island.

Things started to snowball when we had to cancel an event in late March.

We had the hotel booked and over 300 people had signed up to join us.

It was something everyone all over the world at the time was struggling with…

…but now it was affecting my coaching business and I had to do something to pivot big time.

That’s when I decided to put on our first virtual event: Online Programs That Sell.

I took everything I knew about putting on live, in-person events and applied them to virtual programs.

We also had to iron out some technical issues to make sure the virtual event went off without a hitch.

But all that effort was worth it because:

We Hit A Home Run With Our Very First Virtual Event!

We had 800+ register and over 500+ attend over any given time.

And we sold 1.3 million dollars worth of our products and programs…

….which was on par with the numbers we usually get for our live events.

What’s great is we didn’t have to pay for a hotel, room block, and travel to the event.

Everything happened virtually. I was in Puerto Rico and my team of 47 people was supporting me the entire way.

So, due to the current situation that’s going on in the world, we’ve been holding virtual events over the past couple of years.

We’ve tested, tweaked, and honed our process of putting on virtual events so they go off without a hitch.

So you might be wondering:

Why Virtual Events Rock, And Why You Need Them For Your Coaching Business

Everybody loves going to a Virtual Event. There’s something about a virtual event that’s magnetic to people.

They love the LIVE experience and the ability to chat with their fellow attendees.

And you can go really deep with your attendees since you have 2-3 days with them.

But that’s not all:

1. They Help You Stand Out In The Marketplace

Best part? You don’t need to actually hold your virtual event for them to be profitable for you.

Just merely announcing that you’re holding a virtual event makes you stand out amongst your ideal clients.

You can advertise and send an announcement to your list that you’re having a virtual event.

That, alone, can motivate people to hire you for your coaching!

2. They’re A Big Credibility And Authority Builder

It’s obvious that people hire coaches who are bonafide authorities in their industry.

These are the people to whom potential clients flock because of their status.

Having your own virtual event will give you the clout you need to have clients coming to YOU (vs. having to hustle and “chase” them).

Think about the experts and “gurus” you know that hold virtual events.

You probably see them as massive players in your industry.

And you’d probably love to work with them 1-on-1 if you are able.

Thanks to Client-Getting Virtual Events, you can be that expert!

3. They’re A Great Way To Fill Your Coaching Programs And Packages All At Once

That’s why I’ve been holding virtual events for the past couple of years.

It’s a great way to fill your programs vs. having a bunch of 1-on-1 free sessions over time.

Plus people who sign up for virtual events are among your best prospects.

Why? Because they’re willing to invest in a 2-3 day live experience to help them reach their goals.

And they’re more than likely to want to work with you further through your coaching programs and packages.

So think of a virtual event as a tool that’ll magnetically attract your best clients and prospects vs. any other tool out there!

4. They’re A Great Way To Deepen The Relationship With Your Clients And Prospects

Sure, only some people are going to take the leap and invest in your high-end coaching programs and packages.

But, for the rest, they’ll have an awesome experience, learn a lot, and take one huge step toward becoming your biggest fan.

That’s because virtual events are all about helping your clients get results fast.

When you use my blueprint, you’re going to show them so much value that it’s almost inevitable that they’ll become raving fans.

They’ll then tell their friends about you and potentially even hire you in the future.

So not only are virtual events the best marketing tool in your arsenal to get clients…

..but they’re also a great way to transform prospects into your biggest fans and help them take a giant leap toward hiring you.

The good news is I’m going to reveal my blueprint for getting an avalanche of clients in just 2-3 days from anywhere in the world…

Introducing a brand NEW event:

Live Virtual Event – Attend
From Anywhere In The World

April 28-30, 2022

By the time you attend Client-Getting Virtual Events, every question you have about putting on virtual events will be answered.

That’s because I’m going to cover how to:
  • Fill your virtual event with your target audience (including how to get other people to market and sell your event for you)
  • Facilitate them so people get a powerful experience
  • Keep the energy high and attendees on the edges of their seats from start to finish
  • Create a frenzy over the high end offers you make
  • Break your event up into highly valuable segments
  • Uncover fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs that could sabotage you from creating and launching your event
  • Fill your high-end masterminds and programs

Imagine putting on your first virtual event with confidence and filling your schedule with free sessions…

…and think about the feeling you’ll get when you’re getting people to say “Yes” to working with you through your high-ticket programs.

And don’t forget the endless “what a great event!” texts, emails, and messages you’ll get after the event.

This is definitely possible when you stamp your ticket for Client-Getting Virtual Events.

What’s great is I’ll be there answering all your questions…

…from what kind of lighting you need, equipment and software to use.

Any questions you have will be answered at this one-time-only event.

And any anxieties and fears you may have about putting on virtual events will be erased!

Now you might be wondering:

But I’m Not Good Enough Or “Famous” Enough To Put On Virtual Events?

Look, I get it…

You’ve probably been on virtual events by various gurus and experts and they have 500+ attendees.

You may be balking at putting on a virtual event because you feel like you’re just getting started…

…or you’re not famous enough.

Here’s The Truth…

You don’t need to have 1000+ people to attend your virtual event to get started.

If you just get 4-5 to attend your virtual event and one of them becomes a client…

…then it’ll be worth it, especially if you’re just starting out as a coach.

And you don’t have to do anything crazy like run ads or grow a big list.

Just perform simple outreach to our existing contacts on social media…even family and friends…

…and tell them, “I’m having a virtual event…and I want you to come!”

But I get it.

It’s easy to be intimidated by virtual events because you’ve only seen the “gurus” put them on.

And it’s easy to disqualify yourself because you don’t have a big enough following and a list.

With my blueprint, you can get started doing virtual events with just 5-15 people for starters.

Then, as you get used to doing virtual events, you can invite more and more people.

Believe me, the power of virtual events is something you’ll want to have in your coaching business.

It’s well worth it to sign up for Client-Getting Virtual Events because it attracts clients like a magnet attracts iron filings.

And you don’t want to be the one wondering “what could have been”
In your coaching business…

…if you pass me up on this opportunity!

Client Getting Virtual Events Will Be Recorded And Turned Into A $2,000 Product…

But for a limited time, I’m going to make a handful of tickets to this event available for just $297.

Tickets are available on a first-come-first-serve basis, so if you already know you want to put virtual events (or if you’re already doing virtual events and you want to fill more of your programs), then I recommend you register right away.

The entire event will be held over 3 days via Zoom, and our line only holds 500 people.

Many slots are already taken by members of our high-level Masterminds and coaching groups, so this event is guaranteed to fill before we go live on the 10th.

[insert guarantee graphic] Plus, even though I’m practically giving away tickets for just $99, you’re still backed by my 100% Solid Gold Money Back Guarantee.

Attend the entire first day and if you don’t think it’s worth your time or money, just let us know before the start of the second day’s training and we’ll give you a full refund.

Upgrade To VIP And Get The Full Recordings Of Client-Getting Virtual Events So You Can Review Them Over And Over Again!

During this jam-packed 3-day virtual live event, there will undoubtedly be times when things come up.

But that shouldn’t stop you from discovering nuggets that could have an IMMEDIATE impact on your business so you can create a rockin’ online program.

So only VIP attendees get the full recordings of the entire event so they can review what they missed and rewatch so they can get more breakthroughs.

You’ll want to jump on this because…

  • Full high-definition recordings to ensure you have the flexibility to pause, rewind and review key income-generating strategies, scripts, and sections as much as you like.
  • You don’t have to worry if you need to leave the house for a few hours, tend to your kids, or you need to be at an important meeting!
  • Rather than scrambling to take notes, you can sit back and enjoy the event, plus have the security of knowing you get ALL the content after the conclusion of the event.
  • The recordings are yours FOR LIFE. So you can implement all the high-end strategies to get clients for years to come, and with total clarity.

The recordings will be available roughly 60 days after the conclusion of the event to allow for editing.

You’ll want to attend as much of the event as possible so you can get immediate breakthroughs.

But the good news is you can rest assured knowing you’ll get the full recordings of the event, so you can review as much as you want.


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The best part is I want to reward action takers who feel Client Getting Virtual Events can really help them move the needle in their business.

That’s why I want to include these bonuses that’ll…

  1. Help you start getting clients right away before the event and
  2. Get personal help from my team so you can end 2021 with a bang.

Plus the end of the year and the start of the new year is the best time to get clients.

People are looking for coaches like you to make big changes and get massive results before the year ends…

…and to kick 2022 off with massive momentum.

So, here are the bonuses up for grabs until Monday, November 22nd (Cyber Monday) at midnight, PT: 

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Clients Like Clockwork

In this powerful program, you will…

  • Discover step-by-step processes to get clients lined up around the block to work with you
  • Get the best, fastest, and easiest ways to find clients, grow your email/text messaging list, increase your social media following, and more
  • Create a client sign-up funnel you build once and it practically works forever
  • Watch live demos of me signing up clients
  • Release your biggest fears about selling, asking for money, and closing sales
  • Discover how to raise your fees and attract higher-paying clients, so you can generate 5 to 10 times more income in your business
  • And much more…

Value: $2,000.00

Black Friday Only Bonus #2:

Private 1-on-1 "Rapid Success" Coaching Session

This is a super-powerful 1-on-1 session with a wildly successful Rapid Business Success Coach on my team who will work with you to…
  • Create an easy-to-implement “Client Attraction Action Plan” so you know what the most important priorities are every day
  • Look at what’s going on in your business right now & find the holes that are losing you clients and money
  • Uncover hidden challenges, limiting beliefs, fears, doubts, or insecurities that may be sabotaging your attempts to scoop up brand new high-paying clients and…
  • Experience new energy, enthusiasm, and excitement for what’s possible in your business – starting right now.

Value: $500.00

Just think, with these bonuses, you’ll already have clients under your belt…

…and perhaps have some amazing success stories to share at your own Virtual Event.

So take action on these Black Friday-only bonuses right now, because they disappear Monday night at midnight!


April 28-30, 2022

PLUS: Get Clients Like Clockwork And A Private 1-on-1 "Rapid Success" Coaching Session. These Bonuses Are Worth $2,500 And Come Down Monday At Midnight PT!

Now Is The Time…

The truth is you have a gift that can help a lot of people through your coaching.

And virtual events are one of the most powerful ways I know to get the word about you and your coaching.

They’re a great way to fill your programs and change the world with your blessing.

I use them to fill my $80,000 – $250,000 Masterminds and sell events and programs for $2,000+.

And I want to show you how to do the same.

Think about it…

If you just do 5% of what I usually do income-wise thanks to virtual events…

…that’s still $50,000 of extra business you otherwise wouldn’t have attracted without them.

And the best part is this happens over a span of just 2-3 days!

That’s the power of virtual events.

And I’m practically guaranteeing your success by including Clients Like Clockwork and a 1 on 1 Rapid Business Success coaching session so you can get clients lining up to work with you before the event starts.

I look forward to really over-delivering during Client-Getting Virtual Events so you can put on your own virtual events.

So take advantage of this Black Friday special right now….while it’s still hot on your mind!

Big Hugs and Love,



April 28-30, 2022

PLUS: Get Clients Like Clockwork And A Private 1-on-1 "Rapid Success" Coaching Session. These Bonuses Are Worth $2,500 And Come Down Monday At Midnight PT!

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Client-Getting Virtual Events:

A: Yes, even though you don’t know your niche or market, I highly recommend attending this virtual event. I’ll be doing a lot of workshopping on choosing a niche, so you’ll get greater clarity and direction if you’re undecided.

A: The event will happen between the hours of 8am and 5pm Pacific Time depending on the length of the Q&A sessions and virtual event makeovers that’ll happen during the event.

A: You’ll have access to the entire event replay for 48 hours after the event concludes. This’ll allow you to watch what you missed and go back and review presentations you need greater clarification on, etc. 

People who take advantage of the VIP program will have lifetime access to the recordings which will be delivered 60 days after the conclusion of the event.


A: The good news is you can create a virtual event over a weekend. And then you can hold the actual event over a 2-3 period. And, remember, you’re getting in front of a group of your ideal prospects vs. talking to them one-on-one via individual free sessions. 

It’s critical to see virtual events as a huge time saver that can help you fill your programs in a matter of days vs. months.


A: I’ll show you how to get other people to market and sell your virtual event for you and how to build a big tribe of friends, fans, and followers hungry for exactly what you offer. 

And remember: you don’t need 500+ people to show up for your event. Just 5-10 people is great for starters, especially if 1-2 of them becomes a client!


April 28-30, 2022

PLUS: Get Clients Like Clockwork And A Private 1-on-1 "Rapid Success" Coaching Session. These Bonuses Are Worth $2,500 And Come Down Monday At Midnight PT!

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