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2-Day Mastermind:
April 25-26, 2022
3-Day Client-Getting Virtual Event:
April 28-30, 2022

Hey Big VIP,

It’s that time again…

For us to get together and plot out the next steps in your business so you can expand in even greater ways in this world.

April 25-26 we are having our virtual mastermind. Then after that, we are having our first training event of the year, “Client Getting Virtual Events”. So be sure to register right away and mark your calendars!

During CGVE, you’ll discover how to create virtual live events that fill your high end programs and masterminds as well as how to position yourself as the undisputed expert in your field.

As a BIG VIP, this is a super important skill for me to teach you, especially in today’s digital climate, because it could catapult you in ways beyond your wildest dreams.


Everybody loves going to a Virtual Event. There’s something about a virtual event that’s magnetic to people.

They love the LIVE experience and the ability to chat with their fellow attendees.

And you can go really deep with your attendees since you have 2-3 days with them.

But that’s not all:

1. They Help You Stand Out In The Marketplace

Best part? You don’t need to actually hold your virtual event for them to be profitable for you.

Just merely announcing that you’re holding a virtual event makes you stand out amongst your ideal clients.

You can advertise and send an announcement to your list that you’re having a virtual event.

That, alone, can motivate people to hire you for your coaching! 

2. They’re A Big Credibility And Authority Builder

It’s obvious that people hire coaches who are bonafide authorities in their industry.

These are the people to whom potential clients flock because of their status.

Having your own virtual event will give you the clout you need to have clients coming to YOU (vs. having to hustle and “chase” them).

Think about the experts and “gurus” you know that hold virtual events.

You probably see them as massive players in your industry.

And you’d probably love to work with them 1-on-1 if you are able.

Thanks to Client-Getting Virtual Events, you can be that expert!

3. They’re A Great Way To Fill Your Coaching Programs And Packages All At Once

That’s why I’ve been holding virtual events for the past couple of years.

It’s a great way to fill your programs vs. having a bunch of 1-on-1 free sessions over time.

Plus people who sign up for virtual events are among your best prospects.

Why? Because they’re willing to invest in a 2-3 day live experience to help them reach their goals.

And they’re more likely to want to work with you further through your coaching programs and packages.

So think of a virtual event as a tool that’ll magnetically attract your best clients and prospects vs. any other tool out there!

4. They’re A Great Way To Deepen The Relationship With Your Clients And Prospects

Sure, only some people are going to take the leap and invest in your high-end coaching programs and packages.

But, for the rest, they’ll have an awesome experience, learn a lot, and take one huge step toward becoming your biggest fan.

That’s because virtual events are all about helping your clients get results fast.

When you use my blueprint, you’re going to show them so much value that it’s almost inevitable that they’ll become raving fans.

They’ll then tell their friends about you and potentially even hire you in the future.

So not only are virtual events the best marketing tool in your arsenal to get clients…

..but they’re also a great way to transform prospects into your biggest fans and help them take a giant leap toward hiring you.

The good news is I’m going to reveal my blueprint for getting an avalanche of clients in just 2-3 days from anywhere in the world…

From $200,000 to Over $750,000, Here Are Successes My Students Have Had From Live Events.

You Could Be Next!

Introducing a brand NEW event:

Live Virtual Event – Attend
From Anywhere In The World
April 28-30

By the time you attend Client-Getting Virtual Events, every question you have about putting on virtual events will be answered.

That’s because here are the modules and what we’re going to cover:

module #1:

How To Find An Audience And A Topic

Most coaches make the mistake of picking the wrong kind of audience and topic.

This results in very few people showing up for the event and disappointing results. I don’t want this to happen to you.

Instead, you’ll discover how to pick a hungry audience that will turn into raving fans at your virtual event.

You’ll also discover how to choose a great topic that’ll get your audience excited to attend your virtual event.

This is something we’ve dialed in after many years of putting on live and virtual events.

So why try to “reinvent the wheel” when you can simply copy our successes?

module #2:

How To Decide Your Hot Event Title Name

The event name is huge when it comes to getting people to your virtual event.

It has to practically jump off the page (or website) and get people to say, “I want to come to that event!”

I’ll reveal my secret formula for naming events that’ll attract your ideal audience like hotcakes.

We’ll even workshop hot titles LIVE during the event with attendees (maybe you can be one of them?)

So no more guessing whether the name of your virtual event is hot enough.

Get my expert advice LIVE so you can move forward with confidence with a hot title ready to go.

module #3:

How To Fill Your Event

It’s one thing to have an event with a hot title. But it’s another thing to get people to actually sign up for your event.

We’re going to reveal 7 hot ways to fill your virtual event with your rabid target audience.

In fact, we’re also going to cover how to get other people to market and sell your event for you.

This is the “secret sauce” I use to fill events, but not a lot of people have mastered this critical step.

But you’ll get the inside scoop when you sign up for Client-Getting Virtual Events and fill your event with confidence.

That’s right, no guesswork or trying to figure out how to get people to sign up for your event.

Just follow our blueprint that has resulted in thousands of raving fans coming to our event, and you’re all set!

module #4:

How To Lead A Great Event

Many coaches get confused when it comes to figuring out what to teach at their virtual event.

They’re afraid they’ll teach too much, or too little during their event.

They’re also afraid that they’ll teach everything they know and nobody will hire them or join their Mastermind programs.

I’ll reveal how to break your event down into highly valuable segments so you know exactly what to teach.

Plus, you’ll discover how to organize your event so people get the most powerful experience possible.

I’ll also share what we discovered that’ll help you keep the energy high and attendees on the edge of their seats.

module #5:

How To Use Your Event To Fill High End Masterminds and Other Programs

This is how the big money is made during virtual events!

I’m going to reveal how to create a frenzy for the high end offers you make during your virtual event.

I’m going to show you how to dial in the price and deliverables for the offers your attendees will jump on.

I’m even going to cover how to pitch your high end offers during your virtual event by giving you a LIVE demonstration.

This will give you the power to fill your programs with virtual events so there aren’t any gaps in your schedule.

You’ll leave this session confident that you can make high end offers during virtual events…

…along with which offers you’re going to give so you can grow your coaching business.

module #6:

Create an Unstoppable Mindset

I get it…putting on a virtual event might seem a little intimidating, or even scary.

There are many people at your virtual event, and they’re counting on YOU to over-deliver.

The good news is I’m going to reveal how to uncover fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs that could sabotage you from creating and launching your event.

By the time you leave Client-Getting Virtual Events, you’re going to have rock-solid confidence that you can put on your own event.

That’s because I’m going to help you work through any blocks and barriers that are holding you back from growing your business through virtual events.

In fact, I promise you’ll want to put on multiple virtual events after we complete this section!

From "too scared to do it", to "making millions"...

"Before I met Christian I was too scared to host my own live event. What if nobody came?!

With Christian's help, I found the confidence and the key strategies to host over a dozen life-changing events that have helped thousands and generated millions!"
Dr. Aziz Gazipura
You’ll Leave Client-Getting  Virtual Events With The Following:

Your target audience and topic….DONE!

Your hot event name…DONE!

Your plan to fill your event…DONE!

Your outline for what you’re going to teach…DONE

The high end programs you’re going to offer…DONE!

An unstoppable mindset that you can pull it off…DONE!

Bring Family, Friends, Business Partners, and Clients For Free With Your BIG VIP Unlimited Guest Passes!

Another great thing about Client Getting Virtual Events is that you can bring unlimited guests for FREE.

That means, not only will you discover how to take your business to the next level during our time together, but you’ll also share a special opportunity with people you care about to create incredible businesses for themselves.

Use this link to tell anyone you know (friends, family, business associates, clients etc.) you feel would be a great fit for the event.

This is also a great way to build credibility, give something ultra valuable to your community, be seen as a leader, and really build up a great tribe around you!

Here is the link you need again to invite guests:


These events will be life changing so I recommend you RSVP right away, so that we know you’ll be joining us.

2-Day Mastermind:
April 25-26, 2022
3-Day Client-Getting Virtual Event:
April 28-30, 2022

Now Is The Time…

Now Is The Time…

The truth is you have a gift that can help a lot of people through your coaching.

And virtual events are one of the most powerful ways I know to get the word about you and your coaching.

They’re a great way to fill your programs and change the world with your blessing.

In fact, I use them to fill my $80,000 – $250,000 Masterminds and sell events and programs for $2,000+.

And I want to show you how to do the same.

Think about it…

If you just do 5% of what I usually do income-wise thanks to virtual events…

…that’s still $50,000 of extra business you otherwise wouldn’t have attracted without them.

That’s the power of virtual events.

So be sure to RSVP for the events now, while it’s still hot on your mind.

I look forward to connecting with you there!

With all the love in my heart,

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Your 2-Day Mastermind Intensive,
3-Day Client-Getting Virtual Events

April 25-26, 2022
April 28-30, 2022

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