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Reveal what Jeff Walker thinks of Christian Mickelsen so that you can learn and apply it to your way of thinking.

The Hot Tub Epiphany: the proven way to live the life of your dreams.

Live your dreams and help people to live theirs.

What’s the drive behind Christian’s mission to get everybody coached? 

The Income and Impact virtuoso: exclusive mastermind secrets unveiled.

Where does 80% of Christian’s revenue come from?

Christian almost quit, and was about to lose it all …

Cracking the code: growing a business to over a hundred thousand dollars a year within 18 months.

Work 20 hours a week and become one of the highest paid coaches on earth!

How to jump from 1 million/yr to 5 million/yr.

Why right now is the best time to do virtual events.

The day everything changed: rush flight from India to Puerto Rico.

Results are in! The outcome of our virtual event.

May 2020: Our very first virtual event.

How to cut expenses and have rave reviews.

The huge mistake that almost killed my business

The secret program Daniel C. used to close 9K in coaching

Why Virtual Events are Awesome.

Common myths about virtual events … debunked!

Secret #1 to hosting successful virtual events.

Secret #2 to make your audience say: OMG, I wanna register now!”

Secret #3 to have incredible transforming online events.

Secret #4: unlock the fourth key to highly-profitable virtual events and make it a powerful experience for your people.

Secret #5: unleash the whole rainbow of possibilities for them.

Just imagine yourself as a successful coach and … 

The ‘Secret Sauce’ to help you fill your programs.

How to make the dots connect for you so that you can have a successful virtual event of your own.

Lead and fill a great event of your own and make high-end offers!

The power of feedback and unconditional support.

Get your target market to say: “I've got to attend”, the moment they hear your event name.

Client-Getting Virtual Events

THE live event to help you not only with just your online event, but with all of your marketing. 

Discover seven hot ways to fill your virtual event with your ideal target audience and get other people to market and sell your event for you.

Ensure your people get the most powerful experience possible and discover how to break your event into highly valuable segments. 

THE way to discover how to dial-in price and deliverables for your offers.

Create an unstoppable mindset. We'll uncover fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs that could sabotage you from creating and launching your own events and tending clients.

What would an extra 50 to $250,000 do to your bottom line?  Follow the CGVE strategies and it will be a game-changer!

From too scared to do it, to making millions! 

Will this work for me if I am just getting started?

Do I need to invest further to create a successful virtual event?

Your schedule is already full and you are unsure about the time it takes to create a virtual event? You need to hear how CGVE can help you get ready really quick.

Not sure if you can talk on camera for three days in a row?. There are other ways to make a live virtual event without talking the whole time.

How do I ensure I don't get lost with a large class meeting?

First Q&A Session

To charge or not to charge on my very first event? That’s the question.

The proven way to get a lot of people to an event and then fill up your masterminds.

How do you get people, such as parents who have so many things to spend money on for their kids and family, to pay for high-end virtual events?

Imagine getting 90% off the price while keeping all the priceless value in it?

Access high-end mastermind teaching in this brand new training on how to lead live events. 

You can do this from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

This could be YOU in the next few months …

It's almost a crime to not learn and do this because you could be leading your own events, helping people in big ways … and making serious money,

Pinch yourself: you get to transform people’s lives and live your dream life. Amazing, right?

Watch Christian coach people live!

The George Klein dilemma and how Christian helps him untangle his topic and find focus.

Mikayla and the ADHD superpower

How to narrow it down in the Holistic Health Care niche.

How narrow should your topic be and is it possible to narrow too much?

How to funnel it down with Alisha

Craig, the former Navy worker that wants to go all in with coaching in cybersecurity.

Second Q&A Session

Do people want to attend cybersecurity three-day events?

Don't get sued! And see Christian in action brainstorming a name event live.

A private tour of Christian's place where he lives a life beyond his wildest dreams…

Access to a very exclusive bonus.

What's making Christian millions of dollars every year and how to replicate those results for yourself.

Can an event be just one day?

How long are there presentations per day?

Do we need to have a title, a price point and all our material ready ahead of time?

How to go from ‘I have no idea what I'm doing' to ‘ I've got something great to do'.

The bottom line is this: It's not about getting it perfect.

I’m Ready To Get High Paying Clients

In As Little As 3 Days…

Discover How To Create Virtual Events That Attract High-Paying Clients Even If You Aren’t ‘Famous’ Or Don’t Have A Big Following

Join LIVE and uncover how to stand out, build authority AND fill your coaching programs while also nurturing your relationship with clients and prospects

Become confident and certain about how to create, fill, and lead a great event as well as make incredible offers that’ll  turn your events into a big success

From $200,000 to Over $750,000, Here Are Successes My Students Have Had From Live Events.
You Could Be Next!

From "too scared to do it", to "making millions"...

"Before I met Christian I was too scared to host my own live event. What if nobody came?!

With Christian's help, I found the confidence and the key strategies to host over a dozen life-changing events that have helped thousands and generated millions!"
Dr. Aziz Gazipura
I Started Generating Over 700K From Events!

Christian and I have been friends for 20 years and for a long time we had very similar size businesses,... The following year, I changed my offer, implemented some of the distinctions I learned from Christian, and more than doubled what I had ever done. Then by putting on annual live events, I started...generating over 500k, 600k even $700k. It has been a fun ride!
Michelle Humphrey

Some Frequently Asked Questions About
Client-Getting Virtual Events:

A: Yes, even though you don’t know your niche or market, I highly recommend attending this virtual event. I’ll be doing a lot of workshopping on choosing a niche, so you’ll get greater clarity and direction if you’re undecided.

A: The event will happen between the hours of 8am and 6pm Pacific Time depending on the length of the Q&A sessions and virtual event makeovers that’ll happen during the event.

A: People who take advantage of the VIP program will have lifetime access to the recordings which will be delivered approximately 60 days after the conclusion of the event.


A: The good news is you can create a virtual event over a weekend. And then you can hold the actual event over a 2-3 day period. And, remember, you’re getting in front of a group of your ideal prospects vs. talking to them one-on-one via individual free sessions. 

It’s critical to see virtual events as a huge time saver that can help you fill your programs in a matter of days vs. months.


A: I’ll show you how to get other people to market and sell your virtual event for you and how to build a big tribe of friends, fans, and followers hungry for exactly what you offer. 

And remember: you don’t need 500+ people to show up for your event. Just 5-10 people is great for starters, especially if 1-2 of them become clients!

Why are Virtual Events So Powerful?

I’m Ready To Get High Paying Clients

100% Solid Gold Money Back Guarantee

Plus, even though I’m practically giving away tickets for just $99, you’re still backed by my 100% Solid Gold Money Back Guarantee.

Attend the entire first day and if you don’t think it’s worth your time or money, just let us know before the start of the second day’s training and we’ll give you a full refund.

Want to know the secret to teaching your favorite topics and getting paid handsomely for it?

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Christian Mickelsen is a leading authority on personal development and coaching, and is the author of 4 number one best-selling books, including the popular ABUNDANCE UNLEASHED and GET CLIENTS TODAY.

He is the owner and and president of a multi-million dollar coaching business that has made the Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies 4 years in a row, and he has been featured in Forbes, Yahoo Finance, and MSN, among others.

A true visionary and personal coach for over 20 years, he's helped thousands around the world experience the life-changing power of coaching, and is on a mission to get the whole world coached.

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