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Will you ride the AI wave to success?
Or will AI take YOU out?

Are You Ready To Make Big Money Coaching Business Owners (Even If You’re Just Starting Out)?


In Just 3 Days, Discover How To Become an Elite Business Coach, Become An Invaluable Resource To Business Owners, Tap Into The Lucrative AI Industry, And Get Ahead Of The AI Rush.


Certified AI Business Coach

3-Day Live & Interactive

Thursday, July 13, 2023
Friday, July 14, 2023
Saturday, July 15, 2023

 Start times: 9:00 AM PST

PLUS … I Will Show You The Fastest And Easiest Ways I Use
Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) To Help My $100,000 Clients Build Their Coaching Businesses Anywhere In The World — While Eliminating Overwhelm And Guesswork!


Elevate Your Business with the Power of AI!


Hello, fellow coach! I'm Christian Mickelsen.


I’ve been a business coach for over 24 years. Perhaps you've encountered my name through my highly-regarded business coaching program, Big Money Business Coach. I have a critical message for you about the future of your business.


A New Era of Business Coaching, Powered by AI


In our fast-paced, digital-driven world, conventional business methods can't keep up.  The emergence of AI, notably generative tools like ChatGPT, has forever changed the landscape.


Just as someone with a matchbox always outperforms the one still trying to rub 2 sticks together to start a fire, those who utilize the power of AI will outperform their competitors … by far.


These Are Just Some Of The Benefits Of Being A Certified AI Business Coach:


Time Freedom – AI can help you enjoy more of that time freedom we all love. From training and leading a team, creating content (written, audio, video), taking care of clients, planning & project management, creating and running entire promotions to name just a few. This leaves you able to spend more of your time in areas that mean the most to you. 


Optimize Your Team – If you have a team, AI can help you turn each of your team members into 100, boosting their output to allow you to do more, achieve more and impact more. If you don't it allows you to create the output of a successful team if not exceed it. 


Lead Generation – Use AI to take your lead generation to new levels. Imagine having AI work in the background to bring you new leads each and every day. The time is now to ensure your pipeline of leads remains fresh and consistently growing.  


Reduce Costs – Use AI to reduce labor costs by having AI replace repetitive human tasks and move those people into higher value areas that increase your profit and impact. 


Increase Sales – Use AI to dramatically increase your sales conversions, following up with leads, never fearing rejection and helping you sell more of your perfect clients. 


Infinite Productivity – Imagine having an army of employees who worked around the clock 24/7 to complete projects & tasks to perfection. With the right knowledge and AI tools, this can move from a dream to reality. 


Enhance Marketing – You can now create and publish marketing on a scale that used to be reserved for huge companies with large organizations. AI can enable you to build and grow large audiences across multiple channels without the need for vast resources.


Embrace the AI Revolution with Confidence


Here’s your invitation to a 3-day live virtual training event designed specifically for coaches. This is your chance to unlock the secrets of leveraging AI for your own business coaching ventures.


I’ll help you use AI in your own business, become an invaluable resource to other business owners, and even become an elite business coach.


It's not just about embracing AI, but about thriving in an AI-powered landscape.


Just imagine how ‘wowed’ you will feel when I show you how to use AI in a fast, easy, and simple way that’s just right for coaches.


Next, if you can show a business owner the things that I will reveal to you, just imagine how wowed they'll be.


Imagine how much easier it will be to get them as clients when you ‘wow’ them … especially when you:


  • know all the fundamentals of business
  • know how to actually implement AI in their business and promotions
  • know how to use AI to keep their clients/customers satisfied

Turning Clients Into Your Raving Fans Becomes A “Self-Fulfilling Prophecy”


One Time Only!


Experience The Certified AI Business Coach
Live Event From The Comfort Of Your Own Home
In A Virtual Event Setting!

Without tooting my own horn, I’m widely respected for my simple, straightforward, and results-driven approach.


I've already been making a difference in the lives of my coaching clients for over 2 decades.


Unlike many “experts” you'll come across, my journey in business coaching started over 2 decades ago.


I've guided thousands of coaches, consultants, and business professionals to incredible success.


My approach has yielded success time and time again.


Check out this “Wall of Fame” to see true stories from past clients 🙂


My coaching programs and trainings are designed to start delivering tangible value within the first few weeks (or even days).


At Certified AI Business Coach, you can expect to see a big shift in your skill, mindset, and understanding of how to apply AI to your coaching business … almost immediately.


As you continue to apply these insights and strategies to your business, you should start to see more amazing outcomes, such as increased efficiency, productivity, and exponential revenue growth over the course of several days, weeks and beyond.


You see, adding the power of AI to business coaching is simply like adding rocket fuel to a system that already works!


There's Never Been A Better Time To Start Coaching Business Owners Than

Although these results are not typical, any coach who offers true value can grow their coaching business relatively fast by following the methods we will be teaching at the Certified AI Business Coach Live Virtual Event.


It will still take action, commitment, and dedication. You have seen proof that these methods have worked for us, worked for others, and now you can feel confident they can work for you, too.

Here's Exactly What You Get
For Attending the Certified AI Business Coach
We're Going To Show You How To…

🚀 Get in on the AI Gold Rush:
Get in on the AI gold rush and become a go-to business coach in this new era


🔒 Rock-Solid Confidence:
Develop rock-solid confidence in your ability to elevate client’s businesses with AI


💼 Increase Hiring Potential:
Your clients will hire you right away because not many businesses know how to implement AI


💰 Command Ultra High Fees:
You can command ultra high fees and attract high paying clients who seek your specialized expertise


Rapidly Scale Using AI:
Rapidly scale your client’s business and your own using AI

You’ll Discover The 5 Critical Success Factors To Becoming A Certified AI Business Coach

Critical Success Factor #1:

Understanding The Latest AI Tools And How To Use Them Effectively 

  • Get a better understanding of what AI can do and cannot do in a client’s business in order to help it grow 
  • Become familiar with tools such as ChatGPT and other AI tools you can use to help business owners grow their businesses
  • How to use these tools to create marketing materials such as emails, webinars, landing pages, blogs, and articles 
  • How AI tools can help create hot product names, outlines for programs, and even create entire marketing campaigns in minutes 
  • Become comfortable using these tools so you can feel confident teaching business owners how to use them for their own businesses 

Critical Success Factor #2:

Understanding Business & How To Apply AI Tools To Make Them Grow

  • Get a better understanding of key business concepts including market analysis, customer segmentation, and value proposition
  • Understand the importance of data in driving business decisions, and learn how to collect, analyze, and interpret relevant data using AI tools to inform strategic choices
  • Discover how to identify potential areas in a business where AI can be applied to drive growth and improve efficiency
  • Discover how to evaluate and measure the impact of AI on business growth, to effectively demonstrate the value of AI implementations

Critical Success Factor #3:

Understanding Business Owners – How To Win Them Over, And Help Them Succeed

  • Explore the unique mindset and motivations of business owners to understand their perspective, challenges, and goals
  • Discover how to build rapport with business owners, fostering a sense of connection that encourages collaboration and openness
  • Guide business owners in developing actionable strategies to address challenges, seize opportunities, and optimize their operations
  • How to provide ongoing support and guidance to business owners, adapting strategies and solutions as their needs evolve

Critical Success Factor #4:

How To Be A “Complete Coach” That Can Help Business Owners With AI

  • How to assist business owners in crafting a compelling vision that aligns with their AI integration goals
  • Discover techniques for promoting teamwork, collaboration, and synergy among employees, enabling them to work together efficiently
  • How to help businesses develop leadership skills essential for guiding businesses, including strategic thinking, adaptability, effective communication, and decision-making
  • Discover effective hiring practices, including talent acquisition, candidate assessment, and cultural fit evaluation
  • How to help business owners have an optimal mindset, and know how to shift their mindset so they can get perform effectively

Critical Success Factor #5:

How To Master Your Mind And Emotions

  • Gain the confidence to speak with authority about AI-related topics, positioning yourself as a trusted and knowledgeable business coach
  • Cultivate a strong and positive mindset that enables you to overcome self-doubt and fear so you can confidently market yourself
  • Discover strategies to bounce back from setbacks and failures, maintaining a positive attitude even during challenging times
  • Conquer feelings of imposter syndrome by acknowledging your achievements and recognizing your unique value as a AI certified business coach

Plus, You’ll Get Certified As An
AI Business Coach!

This is a first-of-its-kind AI coaching business event.

This is a brand new virtual event – better than any other event you've ever attended so far!


These are direct, to-the-point strategies tailored directly for any coach to use regardless of their level of expertise in building an online coaching business.

If you’re like most coaches attending this virtual seminar, you're likely to be a passionate coach, dedicated to helping individuals achieve their goals, make positive changes, and unlock their full potential. 


You know the challenges coaches face in a competitive market, and you're searching for an effective, easy-to-implement solution to stand out and attract more clients.


You’re determined to build a thriving coaching business … but might find you struggle to differentiate yourself from the countless other coaches out there.


Although you have tons of ambition, drive, and commitment, more than likely you may have been struggling to get new clients into your business.


⏰It’s time for a breakthrough.


You know the importance of staying ahead in a fast-paced society, where time is precious.


In a world that is moving so fast, standing still is like being left behind.


The clock is ticking.


Although you want to level up your coaching skills to reach new heights of success…


…and AI seems to be the talk of the town, even just learning it seems overwhelming … let alone implementing it into your business.


If the whole process of trying to piece this new technology together seems scary, then this will be the best letter you’ve ever read since committing to a coaching career!


Now listen … I value my time, so I would never waste yours, either.


Who am I, and what do I have to share that could change YOUR world?

In brief …

  • I grew up poor and even got bullied and teased in school
  • Later in life, I worked a bunch of jobs I really hated
  • Tired of working at jobs I hated, I started coaching 
  • The early years were “struggle years”
  • Then I got my first paying client (😭which made me burst out crying because I was so relieved and happy), but continued to struggle to get paid the fees I wanted
  • Eventually, I finally figured out how to get higher paying clients
  • I built my company to the million dollar level even making the Inc. 5000 List of fastest growing companies in America, 4 years in a row
  • Now I consistently charge $100,000 per client for just a single day of coaching!

I cracked the coaching code to signing up high paying coaching clients over 24 years ago — long before the social media or AI boom.


And now, I’ve figured out a simple system SPECIFICALLY for coaches to use AI to streamline, grow, and scale their business.


Because We Want To Make Sure Everyone Gets Personal Attention, Seating For This Virtual Event Is Extremely Limited! 


*This PAGE WILL BE REMOVED as soon as we hit max capacity.


Only Coaches and Business Owners who are “COACHABLE” are invited to click the link below. 


Those who do NOT want to learn and instead want to reminisce wishfully about the “good old days” ARE NOT invited to click this button…

Who This Event Is For:

  • ​Coaches who want to offer AMAZING value to business owners
  • Coaches who want to get properly trained so they can pivot into the super valuable niche of business coaching
  • Coaches who have been business coaches for years, but want to gain a competitive edge
  • ​Coaches who want to make a bigger impact — faster than ever before 
  • ​Coaches who want to “stake their claim” for a piece of the evolving “digital landscape” … even though they don’t have a large team
  • ​Coaches who want tons of raving business owner fans who eagerly buy their coaching packages
  • ​Coaches who want super-efficient systems and processes to delight their clients by using cutting-edge modern technology 
  • Business owners who want to use modern technology to refine their message and make a big income (and impact)…


…and those who are passionate about helping others, but may have secretly been struggling to build a successful coaching business.


If you’re 100% eager and ready to discover how to use AI to get more clients than ever before …




Over the last 2 months alone, I’ve assisted over 380+ coaches in integrating AI into their businesses — a crucial adaptation in this uncertain, rapidly evolving world.

Today, I speak to you from a bird's eye view…


You see, I have mixed feelings about the coaching industry…


I genuinely appreciate coaches — they're the ones facilitating progress and innovation…


…but I hate to see coaches struggle needlessly.


Could you help me change this?


I'm seeking exceptional coaches who can genuinely make a difference, to teach how to integrate AI ethically and effectively in their coaching business. The projected results will be clients knocking on your door for your service.


If you're the kind of person who's driven by creating a meaningful impact, I know I'll see you there…

Spend 3 Days Live Online Positioning Yourself For Mega Success!


We all know the saying: you become the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. 


Imagine being in a virtual room filled with go-getting action-takers who inspire you and propel you forward!


What kind of influence would that have on your future if you spent three days surrounded by dedicated coaches (just like you) from all over the globe?


The kind of coaches who have each invested more than $15,000 to learn directly from us at Certified AI Business Coach?

Remember: At the AI Certified Business Coach training event, you will be equipped with the skills, knowledge, and tools to thrive in this new era of business coaching.

When you join this program, you will embark on a transformational journey that’ll reshape your coaching business and open doors to endless opportunities.

Coaches Who Use AI Will Likely Replace The Coaches Who Don’t.

Plus … When You Register Today, You Will Receive These Incredible Bonuses!

🎁 BONUS #1: Big Money Business Coach Level 1


IMAGINE being able to confidently fix a business owner's business and help them make lots of money.


Your dreams are about to become reality … because you'll have that FREE with Big Money Business Coach Level 1. 


(Value $10,000.00)

💝 BONUS #2: Big Money Business Coach Level 2


Wouldn’t you love to know the uber-secret strategies that lead to Apple's success?


I did the research so you don’t have to. And you'll get these rare strategies for FREE with Big Money Business Coach Level 2 so that you can model them in your own business!


My gift to you when you register for Certified AI Business Coach!


(Value: $10,000.00)

💝BONUS #3: Free Sessions That Sell: The Client Sign Up System


Imagine having a simple conversation and being able to sign up a business owner client right on the spot.


You'll be able to do that  … because you get the Free Sessions That Sell system for FREE.


I've used the FSTS system to sign up $100K clients.


What’s more, my students have used it to sign over one million clients and counting. In fact, students regularly pay $2000 for that program. But it's free when you register for Certified AI Business Coach.


(Value: $5,000.00)

Here’s Everything You’ll Get When You Register For Certified AI Business Coach:

🎁 Ticket to CERTIFIED AI BUSINESS COACH $10,000.00
🎁 BIG MONEY BUSINESS COACH - Level 1 $10,000.00
🎁 BIG MONEY BUSINESS COACH - Level 2 $10,000.00
🎁 FREE SESSIONS THAT SELL: The Client Sign Up System $5,000.00
TOTAL VALUE $35,000.00+

Supercharge your sales skills, attract and convert high paying business owner clients effectively, and take your coaching business to new heights of success with the advanced strategies and techniques from this training.

Frequently Asked Questions About Certified Al Business Coach:

A: No worries! The event is designed to cater to coaches of all levels, including brand-new coaches. You'll gain valuable insights on how to integrate AI into your coaching practice right from the start and avoid unnecessary mistakes. The training will equip you with the necessary tools and strategies to leverage AI effectively, enhance your coaching skills, and minimize costly trial-and-error.

A: Not a problem! The training will cover coaching techniques specifically tailored for business owners. You'll learn how to apply AI in coaching business owners, understand their unique challenges, and help them achieve their goals. The CAIBC event will provide you with practical knowledge and guidance to successfully coach business owners, regardless of your prior experience.

A: Your personal business experience is not a prerequisite for attending the training. The focus of the event is on leveraging AI in coaching, rather than solely relying on personal business experience. The training will provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to support business owners effectively, irrespective of your own business background.

A: The training will empower you with the expertise to coach business owners, regardless of their level of success. Your role as a coach is to guide and support them on their journey, leveraging AI as a powerful tool to enhance your coaching effectiveness. The program will equip you with the strategies to help business owners achieve their specific goals, regardless of their current level of success. Actually, successful business owners are often the best clients because they already have momentum!

A: We understand that time constraints can be a challenge. However, investing in your professional development and acquiring AI skills can have a significant impact on your coaching practice. Consider the long-term benefits and the competitive edge you'll gain by attending the program. It's worth exploring ways to make time for this valuable training opportunity.

A: Yes, Attend the entire first day and if you don’t think it’s worth your time or money, just let us know before the start of the second day’s training and we’ll give you a full refund.
You've got nothing to lose … and everything to gain.This guarantee will give you peace of mind and assurance of the quality and value you'll receive from attending.

A: While your existing coaching skills are valuable, incorporating AI into your coaching practice can greatly enhance your ability to help business owners get clients. The training will go beyond traditional coaching techniques and show you how AI can provide insights, personalized recommendations, and strategies to attract clients effectively. It will amplify your coaching skills and set you head and shoulders apart from others in the field.

A: Investing in your professional development can require financial planning. Explore the available options, (such as installment plans) offered to make the program more accessible. Consider the long-term benefits and the potential return on investment that gaining AI skills can bring to your coaching practice.
Note: If you gain even ONE business client at the recommended rate, the program automagically pays for itself.

A: Attending the program is a valuable opportunity to expand your coaching skills and leverage AI effectively. While it may require adjustments to your schedule, the knowledge and strategies you'll gain can have a long-lasting impact on your coaching practice. Evaluate the incredible benefits and weigh them against the temporary inconvenience of adjusting your availability.

A: Even if you have a basic understanding of AI, the training will provide you with in-depth insights, practical applications, and coaching-specific strategies for utilizing AI effectively. The program will focus on how to leverage AI specifically in the context of coaching, offering you valuable knowledge and techniques that go beyond general AI knowledge.

A: Certainly! Along with teaching you how to use AI in coaching, the program will cover a range of coaching strategies and healing techniques beyond AI. While AI is a powerful tool, it is not the sole focus of the training. You will discover proprietary coaching methodologies and client rapport-building strategies. The CAIBC event will provide you with a comprehensive toolkit that combines the best practices of coaching with the transformative potential of AI. By attending, you will gain a well-rounded skill set to effectively coach your clients and achieve exceptional results that clients cannot find anywhere else.

A: AI is not merely a passing trend; it is a rapidly evolving technology that is reshaping industries across the board. In the coaching realm, AI has the potential to revolutionize the way you understand and support your clients. By harnessing the power of AI, you can analyze vast amounts of data, uncover valuable insights, and provide personalized recommendations, resulting in enhanced coaching outcomes. Learning how to use AI is an investment in your professional growth and future-proofing your coaching practice in an increasingly AI-driven world.

You’re Backed By My 100% Solid Gold Money Back Guarantee!

Attend the entire first day and if you don’t think it’s worth your time or money, just let us know before the start of the second day’s training and we’ll give you a full refund. You've got nothing to lose…and everything to gain.



July 13-15th, 2023

Would you really want to navigate this new AI world alone?

Remember, the choices you make today can determine your business's future.

Seats are EXTREMELY LIMITED, so act now!

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