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Hey Rockstar Coach,


I’ll keep this short and sweet. 


I’m having a massive event that could be a game-changer for you if: 

  • You’re just getting started in coaching and are still searching for your niche 
  • You’ve been thinking about becoming a business coach but are still looking for your first client 
  • You’re already a business coach and want to elevate your coaching business 


It’s called Certified AI Business Coach and it is filling up fast. 


The good news is you’re entitled to a FREE ticket since you did one of the following:

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5 Reasons Why NOW Is The Time To
Become A Certified AI Business Coach:

  1. AI Is Everywhere: It's hard to find an industry that isn't being touched by artificial intelligence in some way.

    It's in our phones, our cars, our hospitals, and of course, our businesses. 

    As a business coach, you can help leaders navigate these new waters, offering them guidance and expertise they might not find elsewhere.

  1. Demand is High: Companies big and small are integrating AI into their strategies, but many aren't sure how to best utilize these tools.

    That's where a business coach with a specialty in AI comes in.

    You'll be in demand as these companies seek out expertise to help them make the most of this technology. 

  1. There’s A Massive Skills Gap: Despite the rise of AI, there's still a significant skills gap.

    Many business leaders aren't equipped with the knowledge necessary to fully understand and implement AI.

    By specializing in AI, you can bridge that gap, helping leaders understand how to leverage this powerful technology to their benefit.

  1. AI Is Constantly Evolving: AI is a field that's always evolving. What worked last year might not work this year.

    Business leaders need someone who can keep up with these changes and guide their strategies accordingly.

    As a business coach focused on AI, you'll be that guiding light.

  1. The Impact Potential In A Business Is Huge:  AI has the power to transform businesses in profound ways, from streamlining operations to personalizing customer experiences.

    As a business coach specializing in AI, you have the chance to truly make a difference, helping businesses unlock their full potential and revolutionize their operations.

    All these factors make it an exciting and opportune time to dive into business coaching with a focus on AI.

    When you stamp your ticket for Certified AI Business Coach, you’ll get the tools you need to start or grow your coaching business — and create a lucrative lifestyle at the same time:

    So get your ticket for: 

Live Virtual Event — Attend
From Anywhere In The World

July 13-15th, 2023

You’ll Discover The 5 Critical Success Factors To Becoming A Certified AI Business Coach: 

Critical Success Factor #1: Understanding The Latest AI Tools And How To Use Them Effectively

  • Get a better understanding of what AI can and cannot do in a client’s business in order to help it grow
  • Become familiar with tools such as ChatGPT and other AI tools you can use to help business owners grow their businesses
  • How to use these tools to create marketing materials such as emails, webinars, landing pages, blogs, and articles
  • How AI tools can help create hot product names, outlines for programs, and even create entire marketing campaigns in minutes
  • Become comfortable using these tools so you can feel confident teaching business owners how to use them for their own businesses


Critical Success Factor #2: Understanding Business & How To Apply AI Tools To Make Them Grow

  • Get a better understanding of key business concepts including market analysis, customer segmentation, and value proposition
  • Understand the importance of data in driving business decisions, and learn how to collect, analyze, and interpret relevant data using AI tools to inform strategic choices
  • Discover how to identify potential areas in a business where AI can be applied to drive growth and improve efficiency
  • Discover how to evaluate and measure the impact of AI on business growth, to effectively demonstrate the value of AI implementations


Critical Success Factor #3: Understanding Business Owners How To Win Them Over, And Help Them Succeed

  • Explore the unique mindset and motivations of business owners to understand their perspectives, challenges, and goals
  • Discover how to build rapport with business owners, fostering a sense of connection that encourages collaboration and openness
  • Guide business owners in developing actionable strategies to address challenges, seize opportunities, and optimize their operations
  • How to provide ongoing support and guidance to business owners, adapting strategies and solutions as their needs evolve


Critical Success Factor #4: How To Be A “Complete Coach” That Can Help Business Owners With AI

  • How to assist business owners in crafting a compelling vision that aligns with their AI integration goals
  • Discover techniques for promoting teamwork, collaboration, and synergy among employees, enabling them to work together efficiently
  • How to help businesses develop leadership skills essential for guiding businesses, including strategic thinking, adaptability, effective communication, and decision-making
  • Discover effective hiring practices, including talent acquisition, candidate assessment, and cultural fit evaluation
  • How to help business owners have an optimal mindset, and know how to shift their mindset so they can perform effectively


Critical Success Factor #5: How To Master Your Mind And Emotions

  • Gain the confidence to speak with authority about AI-related topics, positioning yourself as a trusted and knowledgeable business coach
  • Cultivate a strong and positive mindset that enables you to overcome self-doubt and fear so you can confidently market yourself
  • Discover strategies to bounce back from setbacks and failures, maintaining a positive attitude even during challenging times
  • Conquer feelings of imposter syndrome by acknowledging your achievements and recognizing your unique value as an AI certified business coach

Plus You’ll Get Certified As An AI Business Coach! 

When you're a certified AI business coach, it gives you a certain level of credibility. 


This certification is a testament to your knowledge and skillset in this specialized area. 


It reassures clients that you're qualified to guide them through complex AI concepts and implementations.


It will also help you stand out as a coach and be in higher demand. This, in turn, will help you command ultra-high fees.

Join Me For Certified AI Business Coach!

This is a $2000-per-head event, but you get to go for free.


So register now and take advantage of this awesome perk!


July 13-15th, 2023

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