Come To Certified AI Business Coach And Become The Go-To Coach For Business Owners Who Want To Tap Into The AI Boom!


You know, it feels like just yesterday when you started your journey with Big Money Business Coach. 


What an adventure it's been, right? You’ve grown so much, and I’m truly proud of you.


I'm writing this message to you because I believe in you. 


I believe in your potential to make a difference. 


And there’s a huge opportunity for you to elevate your coaching business and get the ultra-high fees you deserve. 


Ever noticed how fast Artificial Intelligence (AI) is popping up everywhere? 


It's here and it's shaking up businesses big time, streamlining how they work, reshaping their marketing, pretty much touching every corner. 


It’s the new language of business. And I know you can speak it fluently.


Imagine, as a business coach, becoming a master of AI. 


How amazing would that be? 


Your clients, seeing you guiding them into a future full of efficiency and prosperity, harnessing the power of AI. 


Think about it. You'd be in high demand, charging fees you never thought possible.


This is where our upcoming live training, Certified AI Business Coach, steps in. 


It's your chance to master AI and transform your clients' businesses, and your own life. 


I guess you can call this Big Money Business Coach Level III, although it will be all about AI. 


And I'll be there with you, every step of the way, just like always.


And the best part? As one of our Big Money Business Coach grads, you're entitled to a big, generous discount on this course. 


I know you're ready for this, for taking your business coaching to another level. 


This isn't just another course. It's the spark to ignite your potential and bring your coaching to the forefront of innovation.


So, tell me: are you ready to ride the AI wave and stand out in the business coaching world? 


Can you feel the excitement of being in demand, helping businesses thrive with AI? 


Don't you want to make an even bigger impact, charging what you’re truly worth?


If so, then get your heavily discounted ticket to Certified AI Business Coach below.


I look forward to meeting you there, catching up, and taking this exciting leap together.

Retail Price $10,000

Current Early bird special for brand-new attendees $2997

Alumni Price


(one payment)


(three payments)

Space is limited.
We're only making a limited number of tickets for this special price, so register now.

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