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Business Coach Secrets:
How To Get The Credibility, Competence, and Confidence to Become a Highly Paid Business Coach Today

When: Wednesday, June 14, 2023
Time: 10am PT | 1pm ET | 6pm London |
3am Sydney (AEDT) (one day ahead)

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I’m super excited for you. That’s because I’m going to share how to gain credibility, competence, and confidence… but I will explain them in ways that are specific to business coaches.


I hear you ask, “Why all this attention on business coaches?”


  1. AI is the hottest topic on everyone’s lips right now
  2. Business owners need help implementing AI into their businesses
  3. Business coaches get paid big money for doing so. 


These 3 keys will help you: 

  • Position yourself as a top business coach (no matter how much experience you have)
  • Identify the hottest markets for business owners
  • Discover why business owners really hire coaches (aside from the obvious “to grow their business”)
  • Gain incredible confidence in your ability to help business owners and get paid big coaching fees
  • And much more…


Save the date!
I’ll see you on June 14th at 10am PT. 


With all the love in my heart,


ps. Not a business coach, yet? Then you REALLY can’t afford to miss this opportunity.

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